the New diving experience

Brizo system

The first wearable dive position tracker.
Store and share your underwater adventures.
Brizo collects data to log the dive path positioning in 3D and to save POI during the diving activity.
Control it through the App: visualize and share the data it gathered. 

Underwater Autonomous Smart Camera


GUARD-1 is a high resolution and high sensitivity intelligent underwater camera for coantent-based image recognition and classification. It is autonomous (battery operated), freely programmable frequency for time-lapse acquisition of images.

the New diving experience

TWO dots

TwoDots is a certified 100 m deep underwater laser reference device for professional photographers, biologists and maritime conservation experts. It creates two laser spots on the underwater target, while you are making the picture. During post-production or study of your pictures, you will find the two dots in the picture for dimensional scaling and measurements.

technical details

  •  laser diodes, 2 units, 5 mW power each 
  • distance between the two laser, 10 cm
  • 650 nm wavelength
  • suggested operative distance from the target, 0.5 m to 5 m
  • lithium battery
  • charge the device through micro USB cable 
  • water proof micro-USB connector
  • water proof main operative switch

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