Evaluation and control of artificial light at night

Consulting services

Artificial light at night is widely recognized as a pollutant of the environment, with negative effects on the physiology of animals, humans included, and their behavior with consequences at individual, population, communities and species levels, working as a driving co-factor in reducing biodiversity. For this and other reasons, including potential health effects on humans, as well as the waste of energy connected to the production of artificial light, this pollutant is becoming more and more important to monitor and control.

We provide, thanks to a 30 years cumulative expertise in the field, assistance to our customers in the evaluation and measurements of light pollution’s relevant photometric parameters and indicators (e.g. luminance and illuminance of lighted surfaces, all-sky brightness maps and sky quality indicators such as the average luminance, horizontal illuminance, maximum and minimum luminance and more). We can provide evaluations of light pollution in large territories.

We also provide consultancy on finding the best solutions to lower the impact of artificial light at night for private and public customers (such as industries, municipalities, provinces, regions, parks). Our experts have helped a number of regions and countries in writing laws to protect the night environment from this pollutant.

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